The plans for a 000-12 Martin Acoustic Guitar.

My inherited collection of antique chisels, spokeshave and scribes.

The soundboard in the process of being 'scalloped'. Jane is born!

A shot of the scene in 'Eddie's Shed'. Eddie was a close family friend who once owned the property where this construction phase was taking place.

My beautiful antique 'Ward' chisel used for this stage.

A honed edge at 30 degrees, razor sharp!

The tentalones glued.

The tentalones are the small triangular pieces holding the top to the sides.

Each cedar tentalone is glued one by one.

High tech stuff. The back is glued on with rubber bands used as clamps.

And now...wait for 24 hours!

Completed! Blackwood back and sides with ebony binding. French polished.

A shot of Jane completed, pre-pickguard. Sitka Spruce soundboard, mother of pearl dot inlays, ebony fretboard and bridge. The rosette was handmade with cyprus and ebony.

In a bind - bindings taped and drying. Neck in infancy on the right.

Bindings roughly levelled and ready for sanding.

Handmade chevron binding and purfling, Sitka Spruce soundboard, Curly Maple binding

My 'high-tech' neck tenon jig. It 'aint pretty, but it sure gets it right first time

Figured Otway Blackwood back and sides. Gonna look pretty spectacular French Polished...

Shaping the neck heel

Rough shaped neck heel

The Neck join

Preparing Rosewood fingerboard for fret slots

Cutting fret slots

Another 'high-tech' jig

Fingerboard glued with back-bow for buzz-less sustain. Is there anything you can't do with rubber bands?

Carving the bridge. This take ages!

Mulga headstock with mother-of-pearl 'stache' inlay ready to glue

Headstock ready for sanding. Relic brass tuners; that old-school feel!

Looks like a guitar, will sound like a guitar, it's almost a guitar...

A couple of instruments in the Wearne stable. 'Salvador' the Silky-Oak 0-28 and Banjo #1